Key Life Fitness & Training is a Health and Wellness company that provides education, personal training, group training and the keys to success for your health. We have been delivering results since we opened in 2010. Our mission is to educate, train, and empower YOU to achieve total body wellness. Key Life Fitness and Training strives to provide total wellness and education to reach the masses, whether it is with former athletes, current athletes, aspiring athletes, young, or old. Our desire is to change your life for the better, by increasing your knowledge and fitness level, while increasing your lifespan.

We have the formula

fitness = key²(life)

We offer personal training and group fitness training, serving clients in the greater Orlando area. We also offer #KLFfitOnline, which is an online bootcamp style clean eating and fitness program. A 6-week series of private workout videos, meal plans, & recipes designed for all body types, levels and abilities.

Bridget Jackson is a personal trainer/group exercise instructor, wellness coach, athletic trainer, self-proclaimed chef and educator.

Bridget has found joy in helping others achieve their life/ fitness goals from the inside out. Her personal life experiences along with her insatiable desire to self-train and study has earned her the ability to coach others on how to life a more balanced life.

Bridget’s BIO

Bridget has a unique set of skill and passion developed from her earning a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training and a Master’s in Health Administration.  Her passion to help others is innate and continues to develop and flourish as she grows.

She loves to dance, laugh, and EAT!  She believes that no matter what your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to change your life and, by doing so, you’ll change the world.  Changing lives from the inside out is not only her passion but her mission.  Her dream is to reach an unsurmountable amount of people, enabling them to create the best version of themselves.

ARE YOU Ready to change your life from the inside and out?