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Discover the right fitness fit for you with our memberships. Whether you want lots of options, flexible packs, or a mix of Yoga & Zumba, we’ve got you covered. Choose a membership that suits your goals, get excited, and start your journey to a healthier you with us!

To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them.

Monthly Unlimited

$179/month. 149/month (sale)

Unlock limitless potential with our Unlimited Group Class Membership! Enjoy unrestricted access to all our invigorating classes, from heart-pumping Fit Camps to serene Yoga sessions. Elevate your fitness journey with the freedom to sweat and shine every day! All classes, including speciality classes. 10% discount on merch and products.

Monthly 16 Pack


Power up your fitness routine with our 16-Pack Group Class Membership! This dynamic package grants you 16 passes to any of our exciting classes. Whether you prefer intense workouts or zen-inducing yoga, this pack ensures you’ve got the flexibility to mix and match your fitness adventure!

Monthly 10 Pack


Ready for a perfect 10? Dive into fitness with our 10-Pack Group Class Membership! Tailor your workout schedule with 10 versatile passes to our diverse classes. Achieve your goals, try new things, and make fitness a delightful journey!

Monthly 6 Pack


Start your fitness transformation with our 6-Pack Group Class Membership! This compact and effective package gives you 6 passes to sculpt, stretch, and strengthen in any of our group classes. Ideal for those who love a balanced fitness routine on a flexible schedule!

Yoga / Zumba Package


Embrace serenity and spice up your workouts with our Yoga & Zumba 6-Pack Membership! This exclusive package brings you the best of both worlds – the tranquility of Yoga and the energy of Zumba. Enjoy 6 passes to blissful stretches and dance-filled fitness, creating a perfect harmony for your wellness journey. Elevate your spirit, move to the rhythm, and find balance with this dynamic duo!

Accountability Group


Join our Accountability Group and turn your fitness goals into reality! With our specialized membership, you’re not just getting access to classes – you’re becoming part of a supportive community dedicated to your success. Enjoy personalized coaching, group challenges, and the motivation to stay committed. Together, we’ll celebrate victories and conquer challenges. Elevate your accountability, elevate your results!